Sugar free sweetner

Now your recipes can be So Sweet and still leave you without health issues

What is So Sweet?


Low on calorie, high on life

Welcome to the world, which is so sweet!
You must have spent sleepless nights thinking of newer ways of cutting down extra sugar. Out of shape dreams have given you many a nightmare. Diabetes in the family has made you feel the pain of resisting a succulent mango cheesecake or an oh so mouth-watering gulab jamun in many a house party. Tired of tasteless, non sugar chemical pills in your restless coffee, you have decided to say a  “no” to  the world of sweetness. It is a bitter place to live. Do not despair. So Sweet is here.


So Sweet is made from the pure extract of Stevia leaves. The ONLY natural alternative to sugar, it contains zero calories. Great for diabetics and weight watchers, it is indeed the sweetener of the future. Bereft of any side effects, it is suitable for all ages.

Stevia is widely used in Japan, China, USA, Australia, NZ, Russia and many other countries. Over 150 studies have been done on Stevia (more than sugar) in some of the most prestigious universities in the world confirming it is safe for human consumption.

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Nutrition Facts

Serving size 1 g (100 g)      
Per 100gm Per 1gm
Protein 0gm 0gm
Fat 0gm 0gm
Carbohydrates 0gm 0gm